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R.G.Baruah College : A Profile

           Radha Govinada Baruah College is popualrly known as R. G. Baruah College is a promising institution offering both Arts and Commerce courses under Gauhati University for Degree classes and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council for Higher Secondary courses. The college is located on the southern part of Guwahati city at Fatasil-Ambari on the A.K. Deb Road, which connects Bharalumukh with the National Highway 37 bypass at Garchuk, and lies at a distance of about 25 kms from the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Borjhar, and 4 kms from the Guwahati Railway Station.

              The college was established in 1978 with the noble objective of spreading the light of higher education amongst the students of Kalapahar - Fatasil locality, quite a number of who belong to economically backward families. The college was named after Xingha Purusa Radha Govinda Baruah whose contribution in the fields of newspaper industry, sports organization, and cultural activities, is unparalleled in Assam. He is known as the Architect of Modern Assam. It is essentially his ideals that the College aspires to follow.

              The college was brought under the deficit grants-in-aid system in the year 1990 and Arts stream was provincialised by the Govt. of Assam in 2006 and Commerce stream was provincialised in 2013. It is permanently affiliated to Gauhati University and is under the purview of section 2(F) and 12(B) of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. At present it has fourteen departments under both the Arts and Commerce streams, and also offers courses in Computer Application and Information Technology Performing Arts) and Environmental Studies. It imparts education to more than fifteen hundred students annually.

               The College is well equipped with modern infrastructural facilities and backed by an excellent and dedicated faculty to cater to the needs and aspirations of the students to meet the challenges of the present day competitive world. There exists an atmosphere of cordial relationship between the students and teachers in the College by practicing Guide –Teacher concept. Apart from academic pursuits, stress is laid on co- curricular activities and all round development of the students’ personality. Special attention is paid to the students coming from backward and marginalized sections of society whose welfare was on the top of the agenda when the College was established.

              The College has well equipped library, which is supervised and managed by a qualified Librarian. Photocopier machine and computer with Internet facilities are available in the College library.

              R. G. Baruah College has certainly grown in stature over the years and is counted as one of the premier co-educational institutions of the city. Since its establishment, the College has come a long way in meeting the emerging needs and challenges of the present day scenario.


 Vision of the college :

               Our vision is to disseminate quality education to our students including those who are underprivileged,so that they may realise their potential and become responsible human beings in society.


 Mission of the college :

             To establish a congenial environment among the stakeholders of our institution to set a new benchmark in higher education.

              To provide better infrastructure and learning resources to the students for quality education.

             To use modern methods through modern technology to gain momentum in teaching and learning within the College campus.

            To extend relevant and effective awareness towards the local community in terms of education,health and environment in conformity with the principle upon which the institution is erected.


 Goals and objectives of the college

             To promote academic excellence taking the syllabus and the curriculum into consideration.

             To produce both Arts& Commerce graduates of a higher standard to face the demands of a competitive world.

             To draw out the latest talents and abilities of the students, to inculcate in them a passion for achievement.

            To help the students develop skills of communication, of self- study, of self-analysis and to help them to realize their own potential and caliber.

          To render academic and financial assistance to socially, economically, and academically disadvantaged students.

           To guide the students to cultivate moral and social values to emerge as morally upright individuals thereby preventing erosion of values and virtues in society.

            To arouse in the students a sense of social commitment by exposing them to real life situations,particularly in the backward and rural areas and to motivate them to render meaningful community welfare service.

           To encourage the students to participate in a variety of co- curricular activities leading to physical fitness, cultural enhancement and national integration.

            To encourage innovative experiments in methods of teaching and evaluation.

           To inspire and help the faculty of the institution to acquire knowledge through research activities and active participation in seminars leading to career development. To promote congenial atmosphere in the college among the students and the staff.


 The College Emblem

            The college emblem, designed to represent the perspectives and aspirations of the college portrays the swan in flight as its central figure. The Swan, the “Vahana” of the goddess Saraswati stands as the symbol of knowledge and its flight as the spreading of knowledge. The quill in its beak signifies the respect for traditional values and the veena on its back signifies the enhancement of the aesthetic qualities. The illuminated earthen lamp in the backdrop signifies enlightenment. The rays which comprise the boundary of the emblem signify the aspiration to spread knowledge in all directions.


The Motto of the College

            The motto of the college is “Tamaso ma jyotigramoy”.(Devanagari script)  It is an invocation to lead us to light from darkness, to knowledge from ignorance, and to a wider perspective from a myopic outlook. It is in accordance with the aim of the college which is to provide quality education to the students, thereby enabling them to meet the changing demands of higher education in society.


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